Crime, cash, sex and dope

The new immersive experience,

staged in the heart of Paris.

Imagine the baby of GTA Vice City and Ocean’s Eleven, bottle-fed with Tarantino movies. All of this wraped in a retro 80’s atmosphere: this is The Live Holdup.

Your undercover mission: infiltrate the headquarters of Docteur Nouveau, godfather of organized crime, and take his empire down. To do it, follow the crazy plan of Fiesta, the heroine of the story and former henchwoman of the big boss.

On the menu: dope manufacturing, infiltration and sabotage, tense negotiations, express torture or hacking of security systems.

From the Breaking-Bad-like clandestine dope lab to the secured vault through the X-rated relaxation lounge, you will have to deal with treacherous terrains.

Most of all, The Live Holdup is the supreme experience of cooperation up to 12 participants at the same time. Split into 3 teams, everybody plays his part: the most technical among you will handle the manipulations, while the bullshitters will enjoy negotiating with the enemy.

In practice

Planned opening
[ as soon as possible ]
[ approx. 2h15 ]
[ Montgallet station ]
[ up to 12 people ]
Minimum age
[ 18 yo ]
[ 55 € / person ]

My order

It is possible to order a gift voucher for a privatized group. Select “Gift voucher worth – 550,00 €”. The price is flat and you can play up to 12 people.
The Live Thriller opens again on 22/06/20, under strengthened sanitary measures. The opening date for The Live Holdup cannot be announced yet. Learn more