Terms of sales

The present general terms of sale and usage conditions are available at all times and are systematically brought to the attention of each purchaser to enable him to place an order. Therefore, the fact of placing an order and ticking the box “I’ve read and validated Terms of Sales” during the payment process implies full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions by the customer.

1. Concept

Borderlive concepts runs live experiences mixing theatre, role-playing, cinema and urban exploration. The present general terms and conditions are applicable to any agreement of participation to a show between (1) Borderlive concepts SAS (the Company) and (2) the participants of the experience (the Participants), whether they booked in person or they belong to the team of the person who booked (the Buyer). The conditions are also applicable whatever means of booking used, whether on the website borderliveconcepts.com (the Website) or with the Company staff. The Buyer books and pays on the Website for the live experience called Performance.
Borderlive concepts SAS reserves the right to modify or make modify all or part of the present general terms and conditions and Website’s content, in its sole discretion, at any time and without notice.
The terms and conditions of Borderlive concepts are available on the Website and are obtainable through a simple request from Borderlive concepts SAS staff.
The Website borderliveconcepts.com is for private and non-commercial use only. The Website’s user agrees not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works, transfer or sell any information obtained from this Website.
Users are not allowed to create a hyperlink to or to use all or part of the Website for a fraudulent, unlawful, defamatory, damaging, obscene or objectionable purpose.
The trademarks and logos appearing on the Website are the sole property of Borderlive concepts SAS. It is forbidden to use them without a written permission from the Company, without which it constitutes a violation of Borderlive concepts SAS’ rights.
Borderlive concepts SAS may modify the experience’s scenario, equipment or scenery without notice or information. No claim can be made by the customer in consequence.

2. Disposal of the experiences’ physical elements

In accordance with the very principle of the experience, the Company grants the Participants the right to attend a booked Performance, for the following maximum durations:

The Live Thriller: 135 minutes.
The Live Holdup: 135 minutes.

Participants must form groups of maximum:

The Live Thriller: 6 people. The Company may exceptionally accept groups of 7.
The Live Holdup: 12 people. The Company may exceptionally accept groups of 13.

The Participants accept these maximum durations, whether they reached the end of the scenario and solve all the riddles or not. This is the very principle of the experiences. Moreover, the Participants accept the experiences to be shorter than these durations, especially if they reached the end of the scenario and solved all the riddles, without any price adjustment or compensation. The confirmation email (sent shortly after the Buyer has paid) as well as a proof of ID must be presented prior to the start of the Performance.
Because of the nature of the experience, people under the following age cannot participate:

The Live Thriller: 13 years old.
The Live Holdup: 18 years old.

Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. In case of any doubt, Borderlive concepts reserves the right to ask a proof of ID.
Performance spaces of The Live Thriller are not accessible to persons in wheelchairs. Moreover, the show cannot be made by visually-impaired people. Finally, Borderlive concepts SAS does not recommend the experience to pregnant women and people with heart problems.
During the Performance, the Participants may handle items and electronic equipment, as well as go through sceneries equipped with sound, light and video systems. Every group of Participants is given a mobile device as well as a walkie-talkie at the beginning of the show, allowing them to communicate with Borderlive concept SAS staff. The Participants must answer staff’s requests at all times, whether they are linked to the scenario or for safety matters.
The Participants must keep sceneries, items and equipment in good state and use them in accordance with the permitted use.
The Participant acknowledges that any intentional damage or resulting to an unauthorized usage of an equipment will be rebilled. Moreover, the Participant must use Performance spaces and equipment in a safe way.
While in the Performance spaces of Borderlive concepts SAS, the Participant agrees to behave respectfully, to abide by the rules and to cooperate with Borderlive concepts SAS staff. Thereby, Borderlive concepts SAS does not tolerate any kind of violence, whether verbal or physical, in the form of harassment or intimidation toward its employees, and reserves the right to refuse access to any person engaged in such a behavior. For safety reasons, Borderlive concepts SAS also reserves the right to refuse access to any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For all the above reasons, the access refusal does not give right to any reimbursement or compensation.
It is strictly forbidden for the Participants to enter the Performance spaces with food, drinks or animals.
Because of the experience itself, no recording can be made inside the Performance spaces. Thereby, the use of video and/or audio recording devices (this includes, but is not limited to: smartphones, cameras, GoPro) is strictly forbidden. Any use of this kind of device may lead to a complete stop of the Performance for the whole group.
Borderlive concepts SAS asks the Participants not to reveal any detail of the experience directly and/or indirectly. Any full or partial disclosure would violate Borderlive concepts SAS’ commercial interests.

3. Price

Prices charged by Borderlive concepts SAS appear on the Website (on the Booking page). They are displayed in euros (€) including VAT.

Here are the prices:

The Live Thriller:
For a group of 2: 99 € per person
For a group of 3: 69 € per person
For a group of 4: 64 € per person
For a group of 5: 57 € per person
For a group of 6: 49 € per person
The Company may exceptionally accept a 7th person, who will be charged 49 €.

The Live Holdup:
For a group of 6: 69 € per person
For a group of 7: 64 € per person
For a group of 8: 59 € per person
For a group of 9: 56 € per person
For a group of 10: 53 € per person
For a group of 11: 51 € per person
For a group of 12: 49 € per person
The Company may exceptionally accept more than 12 people, who will be charged 49 €.

Any further service or performance will be charged. Borderlive concepts SAS reserves the right to modify its prices at any moment. Any Buyer will pay the price in effect at the time of the booking.

4. Booking

Any Performance is subject to its prior booking and payment, made by the Buyer and the Website borderliveconcepts.com
Every booking is made on the Website according to the availabilities displayed. A booking is firm and final only after receipt of the booking confirmation email, sent to the Buyer after the payment process.
The Buyer may add one or several participants up to 48 hours before the Performance, by replying to the confirmation email. The Company will then send a link to make up the difference. The payment of this difference before the Performance is mandatory for the additional Participants to attend the Performance.
As an exception, Borderlive concepts SAS staff can book on the Buyer’s behalf, if the latter is not able to book himself on the Website. In this specific case, the Buyer accepts without any reservation that Borderlive concepts SAS or its staff cannot be held responsible, taking its instructions directly from the Buyer. The Buyer waives all claims resulting from an incorrect usage, a breach in the confidentiality of his data or a fraudulent use of his account.
Only credit card payments are accepted on the Website. Borderlive concepts SAS has granted the management of its payment platform to a service provider specialized in the security of online transactions. The latter does not store any data from the Buyer in its database.
The Website is available either in French or English. However, in the case of a dispute, only the French version of the Website and of the Terms & Conditions is enforceable against Borderlive concepts SAS.
A booking cannot be transferred or resold for commercial purposes. If a booking is transferred or resold in contravention of this article, the holder won’t be able to access the show.
In the case of one or several Participants being late for a booked Performance, the Participants decide if they want to start the Performance, which may be shortened depending on the length of the delay. In any case, Performance spaces shall be vacated at the time mentioned in the initial booking. Borderlive concepts SAS reserves the right to refuse access to Participants late by 15 minutes or more. The hours will be consistently reminded in the confirmation emails sent by Borderlive concepts SAS.
Borderlive concepts SAS reserves the right to refuse access to a Buyer and to Participants who may not have timely paid for the booked and invoiced Performance.

5. Right of renunciation

In accordance with the French laws governing internet sales, no booking can be cancelled or refunded, except in the case of a cancellation by Borderlive concepts SAS alone. In the latter case, the initial amount of the booking will be refunded (cf. section “5.B. Online bookings” for further information).
For the gift vouchers, and in accordance with the French laws governing distance selling, the Buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt of the gift voucher by the Buyer, or, failing that, by the beneficiary Participant, without having to give any reason or incurring penalties, except, if applicable, return costs (information is detailed in section 5.A.).

5.A. Gift vouchers

The Buyer, or, failing that, the beneficiary, informs Borderlive concepts SAS of its decision to withdraw from the gift voucher by sending any unambiguous statement expressing his willingness to retract.
The Buyer will be refunded within 14 days from receipt of the withdrawal statement.

5.B. Online bookings

In accordance with the French Consumer Code, the withdrawal right shall not apply to distance contracts for the provision of accommodation, transport, car rental services, catering or leisure services provided on a given date or according to a specific periodicity. Therefore, no booking can be cancelled or refunded except in the case of a cancellation by Borderlive concepts SAS alone. In the latter case, the initial amount of the booking will be refunded.
Provided acceptance by Borderlive concepts SAS and if informed within a reasonable period of time (7 days), it is possible to postpone a Performance on a given date. If a new date cannot be defined, the Buyer can be exchanged with a gift voucher.

6. Personal data

The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted on the online booking form of the Website.
The Buyer agrees to receive from Borderlive concepts SAS information and commercial offers on his email address or on his mobile phone, by clicking on the authorization checkbox on the Website.
The Buyer or the User submitting his phone number on the Website agrees to be contacted by Borderlive concepts SAS, either by calls or text messages.
The Buyer submitting the contact details of other Participants or Users (names, surnames, phone numbers, email addresses) gives Borderlive concepts SAS the right to send commercial offers to the them.
Borderlive concepts SAS does not share any of the Users’ personal data with third parties, except for requests from an administrative authority empowered and in accordance with the legal framework in force.

7. Safety

The Participants agree to observe every safety measure given, either contractual, displayed on the Website, told by Borderlive concepts SAS staff or pointed out on the opening video sequence played at the beginning of the Performance.
Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the Performance spaces.
All Participants pledge to take note of and to abide by the safety rules, including those about fire and emergency exits, which are clearly visible inside the Performance spaces. It is strictly forbidden to obstruct access to emergency exits, which must be kept clear in any circumstance. The Participants may use emergency exits if and only if evacuation is required (for example in case of fire). Any cost linked to an abuse and/or an unintended opening of these exits by one or several Participant(s) will be rebilled.
It is absolutely forbidden to bring inside the Performance spaces items considered as (1) physical hazards (explosive, inflammable, combustive, under pressure or liquefied gas, corrosive), (2) dangerous to health (poisonous, corrosive to skin, irritating/sensitizing, carcinogenic/teratogenic) and (3) a threat for the aquatic environment.
Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to touch, handle, open (non-restrictive list) any object marked with a label “Do not touch”. These objects are not part of the experience, which will be reminded during the safety rules given in the opening video sequences played during the Performances.
Borderlive concepts SAS advises the Participants to wear comfortable clothes, and adequate to the climatic conditions. Wearing high-heeled shoes is strongly discouraged.

8. Pictures and cameras

Pictures of every group of Participants may be taken before, during or after the Performance. These pictures may be used by Borderlive concepts SAS to feed its Website or digital network (non-restrictive list: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). These very photos will be sent by email to the Participants within a reasonable time after the Performance.
The Participants can ask for their pictures to be removed by sending an email to [email protected].
Borderlive concepts SAS cannot be held responsible for the usage made of these pictures by the Participants and/or by the Buyer.
The Performance spaces are equipped with video and audio surveillance systems, which allow Borderlive concepts SAS staff to follow and lead the Participants’ Performance. The purpose of these devices is solely for the experience itself, and do not record the Performances.

9. Force majeure

The occurrence of a force majeure event suspends the fulfilment of the obligations of Borderlive concepts SAS and the Participants / the Buyer under these terms and conditions. This includes but doesn’t limit to: natural disasters, measures of public authorities, embargos, strikes, exceptional weather conditions preventing the Performance to be held or transportation to the Performance spaces, insurrections, riots or attacks.
The Party (Borderlive concepts SAS or the Participants / the Buyer) wishing to invoke such an event shall immediately give notice to the other of the beginning, and if applicable, the end of the event. It cannot be cleared of its responsibility otherwise. Both Parties will make efforts in good faith to prevent or reduce effects of the failure of the agreement caused by this event. The other Party reserves the right to verify and control the reality of the situation.
In case of the occurrence of a force majeure event preventing the Performance to be held at the date and time booked, the Parties will do their best to find a new date and time for the Performance.

10. Litigation and mediation

For any complaint about the purchase process and/or the course of a Performance, the Buyer and/or the Participant shall contact Borderlive concepts SAS as soon as possible, by sending an email to [email protected] or a regular mail to:
Borderlive concepts
11 avenue de Bouvines – 75011 PARIS, FRANCE
Borderlive concepts SAS undertakes to reply within a reasonable time (7 days) after reception of the complaint.
Is the complaint is not resolved through an amicable agreement between the Parties, and in accordance with the French Consumer Code, the Buyer and/or the Participant has free access to a consumer ombudsman.

11. Competent courts

These general terms and conditions or any done agreement including these terms and conditions are governed by French law and all disputes that may arise will be the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.