The Case

This is an introduction to The Live Thriller.

It will tell you the beginning of the Mannequins Case. What happens next belongs to the live experience.

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My name is Richard Nils. I am an Inspector at the criminal police department of Paris.

Or should I say, I was. Until this case.

Let me tell you the whole thing from my point of view.

Before you show up.

Chapter 1

Scene 1, it was

I remember that night. Paris was on the eve of Christmas celebration. Happiness was in the air, but I was feeling down. Paris 17.12.2017 17:45 I came back from the office quite early. It’d been months since we’d had any thrilling case to get our teeth into. I was just about to fall asleep after my usual nightcap. No point in staying awake. Tough luck, I received a call. It was Gambale. Answer Read the message

Gambale [ 6.15 PM ]

No answer once again… Well I hope you weren’t excepting a lazy evening. We’ve had a letter at the office just after you left. There was just an address, it leads to a disused building. Some kind of slaughterhouse. I’m already on the spot, but there’s no way I enter alone. You should come right now. Here’s the address:

Beaumann Slaughterhouse, 13th arrondissement.

See you later

It sounded like an emergency. I had no choice: it might well be a crime scene. Feeling like getting some fresh air, I decided to walk there. Gambale was already on the spot. The guy was always dressed in the same way. At the office, they called him Man in Black. As far as we knew, he’d had his share of trouble. Paul Gambale Deputy Inspector The place reeked of grim and rancid piss. We were for sure about to discover some goddamn junkie’s corpse. We must have walked twenty minutes across this maze to find it. Scene 1, it was. Believe me, I had never seen such a crazy work in my whole life. EVF 1 EVF 2 EVF 3 EVF 4

We were expecting a corpse.

All we had was two store mannequins in a grotesque staging.

We still opened a new case, even though it looked much like a hoax.

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