Aside from concepts developed internaly, we are always looking for exciting partnerships in France or abroad. Here is our vision and distinctive skills.
Equipe Borderlive

High standards of quality and originality

Passionate about cinema, music, video games and art in general, we aim to reach the quality standards of these fields, with great attention to details and good taste. Instead of copycating other immersive experiences, we prefer drawing inspiration from multiple fields and build unique formats.

Internalization of creation

Our team covers all the skills required to create and develop the experiences. We can therefore use the right tools depending on the projects, without requiring the services of external providers. This is a quarantee of quality and consistency, as well as efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Vision from A to Z

Thanks to our training and experience in company management, we take into account financial, logistics and safety matters from the start of a project.

Actors management

Actors are at the very heart of customer experience. That is why we ensure their casting, training and management internaly. We pay particular attention to 2 key points: the accuracy of their acting and their ability to get along with their partners.
If you are interested in a collaboration, please write us at [email protected].