The Live Holdup patchwork accueil

Crime, cash, sex and dope

The live undercover mission,
staged in the heart of Paris.
(only in French)

The concept

“I always wanted to be a gangster.”

The atmosphere

Imagine the baby of GTA Vice City and Ocean’s Eleven, bottle-fed with Tarantino movies: this is The Live Holdup.

Gangsters of loose morals, story of revenge and retro 80’s soundtrack combine to take you into the atmosphere of a Paris that rhymes with Miami.

Your undercover mission: infiltrate the headquarters of Docteur Nouveau, the godfather of organized crime.

From the Breaking-Bad-like clandestine dope lab to the secured vault through the X-rated relaxation lounge, you will have to deal with treacherous terrains.

“Stars will be aligned.”

The content

It all starts with a crazy plan that calls upon your deepest expertise.

Dope manufacturing, infiltration and sabotage, tense negotiations, express torture or hacking of security systems: enough for the tastes of all.

Usually, the facility is full of chemists and watchdogs armed to the teeth. Your luck? The big boss will be holding a party with his closest friends.

His inner circle should be occupied, and the security reduced to a minimum. The way should be clear. Well, that’s the theory…

“3 teams. 1 goal.”

The interplay

Most of all, The Live Holdup is the supreme experience of cooperation up to 12 participants at the same time, all part of the same mission: bring down the empire of Docteur Nouveau.

Everybody plays his part: the most technical among you will handle the manipulations, while the bullshitters will enjoy negotiating with the enemy. The magic word? COORDINATION.

We’ll tell you straight away: you are a bunch of amateurs. Your allies? A junkie and an antisocial hacker. The plan is unlikely to run smoothly.

But there is good news: the whole experience adapts to your actions, leading you to one of the 5 possible endings. Cherry on the cake, you can experience The Live Holdup up to 3 times playing different teams.

The Storyline

Either young or old, everybody loves Docteur Nouveau, this friendly old publicist creator of the delicious dog food Caniboula. But nobody suspects this ideal cover to form a vital component of his true business: large scale drug trafficking.

Former henchwoman of Docteur Nouveau, Fiesta is back in Paris to avenge the death of his father, murdered by the big boss’ hitmen. She sets up a brilliant yet tricky plan to bring his drug empire down. But without money, gun or network, she will have to entrust a bunch of amateurs to enforce the plan.

That’s where you come in.


Fiesta is the main character. She grew up in the mafia world and tried everything from drug trafficking to armed robbery and manufacturing of explosive devices. Cool and open-minded, she can also be seen as lazy and sometimes conceited.

Docteur Nouveau

Godfather of organized crime, Docteur Nouveau is a man of superior intelligence and extraordinary charisma, considered as a myth whose real identity remains secret. Capable of murdering his closest friends, Nouveau has one single weakness: his daughter Jade, with whom he maintains a fusional relationship.

Louis Flageolet

Louis Flageolet is a computer specialist and brilliant hacker, also best friend of Fiesta. Spoiled by life, he unleashes an endless flow of insults toward the whole world, and especially his twin brother Rico, calling him a “son of a b****”. Louis remains a faithful ally for the few persons he appreciates.

Jade Nouveau

Only daughter of Docteur nouveau, Jade Nouveau controls masterfully the drug distribution network on behalf of the big boss. Even though she has a fusional relationship with daddy, she is wary by nature and drives a hard bargain with the potential customers.


Morceau is the guard dog of Nouveau and his daughter, faithful to them until death. A true force of nature, he won’t hesitate to draw his .44 Magnum at the slightest threat. On the other hand, Morceau struggles to speak without mangling the language, even though he has proven not to be the complete idiot everybody thinks.

The Bitchmaster

Lionel Ropers, a.k.a. The Bitchmaster, is the head pimp of Docteur Nouveau’s network and manager of his private nightclubs. Exuberant drag queen with a head voice and exaggerated manners, he is a nocturnal animal recognizable miles away. But the uneasiness coming from his strained smile unveils his true nature: the one of a paranoid and brutal psychopath.

Rico Flageolet

Rico Flageolet is the twin brother of Louis, working as a handyman for Docteur Nouveau. Unlike Louis, Rico is not suffering from any health problem. From what he likes to say, the world is too small for two full Flageolets. Stupid and obscene, Rico is unanimously regarded as a douchebag.


Violeta is a bulgarian waitress and prostitute who landed in Paris when she was still a teenager. As the favorite of Docteur Nouveau, she benefits from his protection and remains relatively “immune” compared to her fellow sisters.

Fiesta's father

Holding a doctorate degree in chemistry, he went into drug manufacturing after he met Docteur Nouveau in 1983, on a beach of Pattaya a night of monsoon. He became his head chemist from then on. Almost 40 years later and for a reason still unknown, the padre was murdered by Nouveau’s hitmen.

In practice

[ approx. 2h15 ]
[ Paris 12th, Montgallet station ]
[ from 6 to 12 people ]
Minimum age
[ 18 yo ]
[ From 47 € / person ]


How many people can participate?
You can form teams of 6 to 12 people. In any case, you privatize your experience when you book for a time slot.
I booked for 6 people, can we still be 7, 8 or 9?
You can add one or several participants up to 3 hours before the show. For that, reply to the confirmation email. We will then send you a link to make up the difference.
I organize an event for a group larger than 12 people, can we participate altogether?

In this case, send us a message, we will explain you how to do.


Is it difficult?

Completing The Live Holdup without a hitch is a true challenge. But with 5 possible endings, the experience adapts to your actions. There is no game over, you enjoy the experience in its entirety.

Considering the topics covered, I am afraid I could be shocked by the experience. Am I right?

The Live Holdup may indeed offend the sensibilities of the most prudish. But if you are not shocked in front of a GTA or a Tarantino movie, there is no reason you will be.

I already experienced The Live Holdup, can I do it again?

Of course, The Live Holdup was designed to be done 3 times by playing different teams. Simply mention it on the booking process.
Don’t forget The Live Thriller if you want to explore a different atmosphere.

What is the minimum age?

The Live Holdup covers adult contents, we therefore limit the experience to 18+ people. You don’t want to traumatize your children.

I want to participate in English, is it possible?

The Live Holdup is only available in French for the moment. We are working on the English-speaking version.


How much is the experience?

It depends on the size of the group. The price is set at 47€ per person for a group of 12, 49€ for a group of 11, 51€ for a group of 10, 54€ for a group of 9, 57€ for a group of 8, 63€ for a group of 7 and 69€ for a group of 6.

How can we pay?

Payment can be made online by credit card, through our secured platform.


I want to offer The Live Holdup as a gift, how can I proceed?

You have two options:
If you want to book an experience that will be a surprise for one or several participants (birthday, bachelor(ette) party), you can mention it on the booking process.
If you want to offer an experience in the form of gift voucher, please go to the dedicated page. The gift voucher is valid for any slot and for a year.

In practice

Where is The Live Holdup set?

Nouveau settled his clandestine lab on the 12th arrondissement, close to Montgallet (line 8) and Reuilly-Diderot (line 1) metro stations. The exact meeting point will be given in the confirmation email.
As stated in the name, The Live Holdup is a live experience. It is therefore strictly essential that everyone be on time at the meeting point.

Should we wear specific clothing?

Please wear comfortable clothes, it will be to your advantage. High-heels and open shoes are not recommended.

What are the opening hours?
The Live Holdup is open every day between 10 AM and 10 PM. A show begins every 3 hours.